Dominican University Sweep South Platform Based Company Case Study


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Using the questions below, please submit an individual case analysis for the case study:

    • Use the Van Alstyne, et al., paper to discuss whether SweepSouth truly operates as a platform-based company. Be specific about the examples in the case study that make this so.
    • Discuss the “core” of this company. What will be the role of the founders, and especially Pandor, in ensuring the core is protected as the company grows?
    • The idea for the company came about because of the founders’ frustration with finding domestic help during a holiday period, and her knowledge of the Uber platform. Is the comparison with Uber an apt one? Why or why not?
    • Take a look at the company’s site ( (Links to an external site.)) and discuss whether the company approximates the criteria offered by Zhu and Furr (2016) for successfully operating as a platform. Does it matter that SweepSouth is driven by a strong commitment to social justice?
    • Could this company expand beyond Africa? Why or why not?

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