Discussion post and elevator pitch

Discussion post and elevator pitch


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Discussion Post
Consulting skills should;

make managing easier for clients,
provide relevant knowledge and experience to clients,
give access to an additional useful relations to clients,
services provided should assist clients in a sector, service line or phase of change meet a targeted goal. 

Define your skills that you feel would make you a successful consultant. Write a page in proper APA format. Your discussion post should be a page. 
Elevator Pitch
You’ve likely heard the term “elevator pitch.”  What is an elevator pitch exactly? It is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest. I mean BRIEF 30 seconds – it is called an elevator pitch because it should be able to be completed in a short elevator ride.
In today’s global word we need to be prepared to perform an elevator pitch both in writing and in person. This week’s assignment will work on your pitch in writing. Craft this pitch as you are selling your services as a consultant in your own field of work, or the field you hope to work in. 
What is included in the pitch? Identify your goal, explain what you do, what is unique to you/your company, engage with a question, and wrap it up.
For this assignment the purpose is to develop your own personal pitch with all of the component.
It should be completed in 30 spoken seconds, which means NO MORE than 250 words.

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