Developing a modern data architecture overview white paper

Developing a modern data architecture overview white paper


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For this homework assignment, you are assuming the role of a “Big 4” (KPMG, EY, Deloitte, PwC), where your client, Farmer Consulting, is asking for a white paper discussing the key points, benefits, and components are a modern data architecture.  Farmer Consulting is “behind the times” in their infrastructure, and need to make a move towards a modern data architecture.  You recently attended a conference and saw a great presentation on this topic, and have a copy of the deck (attached below), that you believe is the basis of your white paper.  Your assignment is to use the lecture videos, notes, and presentation below to write a persuasive, informative, and action oriented white paper for your client.  The white paper should include an executive summary highlighting the key takeaways that focus points to keep your client excited about reading the paper, and a structured, well flowing paper that will inform their opinion on how to build a modern data architecture.

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