CWU Essential Marketing Concepts for Starbucks Company Discussion


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Suppose that Starbucks came up with a plan to develop a new milkshake product (coffee-flavored, of course, but also available with other flavors) to market as a “morning commute beverage.” The product would be packaged in a container that is convenient to drink from and to put in a car drink holder. It would distributed through Starbuck stores and other retailers such as supermarkets. Although a dairy product, the milkshakes would be shelf-stable (meaning they wouldn’t have to be refrigerated). Suppose as well that in preparing her communication program, the brand manager for Starbuck’s morning commute beverage is trying to decide between several proposals submitted to her by the brand-management team. The two leading options are:

(A) Coupons distributed by mail that are good for 50 cents off the price of a morning commute beverage.

(B) A television advertising campaign using 30-second spots.

Assume that the costs of both alternatives are the same. Which one of the two approaches would you recommend that the brand manager choose to introduce Starbuck’s morning commute beverage? Begin your answer with A or B, then briefly defend your recommendation, explaining clearly why it is superior to the alternative.

Answer Length requirements: 150-300 words. No less than 150 and no more than 300 words.

– “The assignments are designed to be challenging in order to develop your ability to think and decide as a marketing manager would, and thus the grading reflects this focus. The challenges facing managers are not simple, so to prepare you for the workforce the assignments have the complexity of the real world. Your learning experience would be diminished if the assignments were simple.”

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