Cultural Diversity

The Task:


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Watch Chimamanda Adichie talk about “the danger of the single story” at:
(Links to an external site.)

Write a 4 PARAGRAPH post on the following:

1. In your words explain what it means to say that someone might have a “single story” about a culture, nation, person, ethical view, religion, etc. Define “Single story” and explain relevant details from the Ted Talk as if you were explaining to a friend who has not seen the video.

2.Name one or two groups of people, culture, nation, religion, etc. in which you may have a single story about them. Explain the danger of having a single story of someone.

3. How might someone have a single story about you? Share an experience that defies this single story.

4. How can someone avoid using a single story?

Writing tips:

Make sure you are writing four separate paragraphs (each question is a different topic.)

As always, assume your reader does not know these concepts– your job is to give, teach your reader what a single story is, and how it is applied to our daily lives. For more information on Cultural Diversity read this:

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