Cultural and Economic Growth

Your company wants to put a ball-bearing factory in Africa. Your company predicts this is where the most growth will be in
the 21st century. Your assignment is to research a country on the African continent that you think would be the most
advantageous to your company in cultural, economic, and political environments.


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Your assignment is to point out and explain the facts or statistics that you think would make this country a good place to
build and staff your factory. Remember to keep the cultural, economic, and political environments in mind. Your essay
must include at least two facts or statistics that relate to each environmental area (cultural, economic, and political).
Feel free to use the suggested readings as a starting point for your research on sources of data about different countries in
the world. You must use at least three authoritative sources,( world bank may count as 1)
Pull a minimum of two facts or statistics from each source that you use.
Some good examples of authoritative sources are provided below:

The World Bank
The Business Source Ultimate database has a “Country Report” that can be selected in the Publication Type area. These
reports by country can be 200-plus pages and are very in-depth.
Your essay should be a minimum of 2 pages, double spaced with headings. Please paraphrase and do not use direct quotes.

Be sure to use APA guidelines to cite and reference the
sources for your facts. For information on Cultural and Economic Growth check on this:

The post Cultural and Economic Growth appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Cultural and Economic Growth appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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