Criminal justice essay 800-1000 words

Criminal justice essay 800-1000 words


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Annotated Bibliography: Choose Your Own Adventure
For your final assignment, you will compile a short annotated bibliography of 2 peer-reviewed academic journal articles and 2 policy or data reports on any of the topics discussed in the materials for Module 5 for a total of 4 annotated bibliography entries. These articles and reports do not need to all be on the same subject within the larger topic you choose. For example, you might choose to conduct your research on hate / bias crimes and find a report on bias crime laws across the United States and a journal article on bias crime victims. The topics from which you can choose are:

#MeToo Movement
Bias / Hate Crimes
CSI Effect
Fatal Police Shootings
Human Trafficking
School-to-Prison Pipeline
Violence Against College Students

Annotated bibliographies help researchers to organize the information on a specific topic, take notes for literature reviews, and also assist others in understanding what research is available on a specific topic. An annotated bibliography presents the appropriate citation for each source along with a brief summary (e.g. for a research article, an entry should be approximately 250 words). In addition to identifying appropriate sources and developing a short summary for each, your annotated bibliography should have a 250-word reflection that discusses and provides a general overview of your thoughts on the topic you choose. Points will be subtracted for poorly written entries, entries that do not fit the required criteria, citations that are not properly formatted, and typographic or grammatical errors. Plagiarism, the unattributed use of someone else’s work, will result in a failing grade (e.g. copying and pasting the abstract of the articles you found).
If you have any questions about this assignment, feel free to email me or post on Student Questions for Module 5: Beyond the Basics or Ask the Instructor. Please do not wait until the last minute to start your assignment.
Specific Requirements:

Reflection on the Topic (6 points): Please use the readings and documentary from Module 5, as well as the four sources  you review 1) 2) 3)   , to help with your reflection. You may also use additional sources if you would like, however, you must properly cite them. The reflection should be 250 words (±25).
Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal Article (12 points): Identify and include 2 journal articles. Please make sure you understand what is, and what is not, a peer-reviewed source. The annotation for these entries should be 250 words (±25).
Policy or Empirical Reports from Government or Non-Governmental Organizations (12 points): Identify and include 2 reports that are from local, state or national government agencies, NGOs, think-tanks, and other policy and research groups. Please make sure you understand what is, and what is not, a peer-reviewed source. The annotation for these entries should be 250 words (±25).
The articles and reports should be published within the last 10-years or so (2010-present).
The focus of the articles and reports can be international in scope.
All citations should be in the appropriate APA format.
A digital copy of the final paper must be turned in through Canvas by 11:59pm on November 18th.

Potential Resources: Although these are not all the resources you have access to, I recommend starting with the below:

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