creativity lab report

EDPS 611: Creativity Strategy Lab Report
In this course we have been working with content and activities that are designed to help you gain competence in applying creative thinking techniques.   One of the objectives in the course is for you to learn how to enhance creative thinking in others. Therefore, the objects of this assignment are for you to develop a lesson, teach it, and reflect on the experience.  For the purpose of this assignment, a “group” constitutes 4 or more participants.  Family, friends, students, neighbors, and/or co-workers all may be good options for your group.  You do need to conduct the lab in person; I used to allow students to do it electronically, but it never worked well, so I now recommend the lab be conducted in person. The list of techniques you may use are listed below.  You can do the activities we have done in class, or you can design your own. Participants usually respond the best when they find the prompts for the activities to be personally meaningful. 


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The technique we will use is referred to as SCAMPER

SCAMPER is when new ideas are created are simply old ideas with a new twist. 

  Examples of products can be found anywhere, but these sites can get you started if you need help: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

You will submit one lab report using the following outline for reporting your experiences facilitating this lesson.  Please pay careful attention to each of these elements to earn full credit.

Description of the group with whom you conducted the activity (number of participants, demographic information, dynamics of the group, characteristics of students) 10 pts
Description of how you created an environment you thought would positively influence participants’ experiences completing the activity.  15 pts
Description of the lesson you conducted:  Give a thorough description of the process of teaching the lesson including a detailed explanation of what you said to the participants to teach the strategy and to motivate their thinking.  Note: this section has the most points for the assignment, so please make sure you provide detail (40 pts)
Description of the impact of the lesson for participants: 

Provide samples of participant responses
Please ask or have participants share what they thought of the strategy and what ideas they have for how the strategy could be used in other settings (for example, their personal or professional lives). 15 pts

Evaluation of the experience:  Describe what you thought went well, what you might change if completing this lesson in the future, and any other take-aways you thought about as a result of conducting this lab. 20 pts

rubric is below:
Description of Group
Description of the group and how you structured environment to enhance participants’ thinking: (NAGC-CEC Standard 2.1)

25.0 to >22.0 ptsProficient
Detailed description is provided about the group and the way that the environment was structured to enhance creativity.

Description of the Lesson1. Description of the lesson: (NAGC-CEC Standards 2.2, 3.2, 5.1)

40.0 to >36.0 ptsProficient
Lesson incorporates creativity strategy effectively; lesson content is thoroughly developed, and instructional delivery is fully comprehensible.

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeImpactDescription of the impact of the lesson for the participants (NAGC-CEC Standards 5.4; 5.5)

15.0 to >13.0 ptsProficient
Sample participant responses are included, and a detailed description of what participants thought of the strategy and what ideas they have for how the strategy could be used in other settings is included.

Evaluation1. Evaluation of experience: Reflect on personal practice to guide professional growth; Includes discussion of lesson strengths, elements that might need to be changed; overall impressions of what was learned from conducting lesson.

20.0 to >17.0 ptsProficient
Reflection includes thorough, in-depth response to each of the following components: discussion of lesson’s strengths, what might need to be changed, and overall impressions of what was learned from conducting the lesson.

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