Creating content and features of the website

An interfce needs to be designed and on any took and convert it in to PDF format.



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You are a web development consultant tasked by your local or regional government to produce a website to deliver information on COVID-19 to their citizens as a response to the global pandemic.
The government have briefed that you will:
 Analyse the requirements to specify the required features of the website.
 Design an appropriate information architecture, including all relevant content in a structured and coherent manner.
 Produce wireframes for the website design on both mobile and desktop formats.

Using the brief above, you should construct a list of requirements for the website. This should include (at a minimum):  Data on recent COVID-19 cases
 The symptoms of COVID-19
 How to book a test You are welcome to include any additional information in your specification that you consider essential to the website. You should consider what information citizens may be seeking on the pandemic, and provide sufficient justification and evaluation of each requirement to demonstrate its necessity to be included in the website.



You are to determine the content and features of the website, based on your experiences of the web, an analysis of the brief and creative input. The content should be fully structured and defined in the information architecture map. The map should be drawn using appropriate digital tools with clear structure and labels.
Don’t forget to consider the user experience journey: what information will citizens be seeking, and how will they access the relevant content


You are to provide wireframes for your overall site design, showing how the website will work on both mobile and desktop devices. You only need to demonstrate each type of page once, with appropriate annotations to describe how the system will work. All wireframes are to be drawn using appropriate digital tools with clear annotations and labels.
You will not be expected to produce a prototype matching your wireframes for assessment 2, however, you will need to justify the changes you make from your design and specification in this assessment.


Submission Instructions:
Submit your assessment as a single Word (.doc/.docx) or PDF (.pdf) file in the relevant submission area on Canvas. Your document must include the entire design and specification structured in an appropriate format. Any ideas, quotes or media that you include must be referenced using the IEEE format. More information on referencing requirements is available in the Student Orientation module.


Hints and tips:
All submitted work is expected to observe academic standards in terms of referencing, academic writing, use of language etc. Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in your work being awarded a lower grade than it would otherwise deserve. All diagrams must be illustrated using appropriate digital tools, with clear labels and annotations. You are advised to review your submission in accordance with the attached marking criteria to ensure you have completed all of the required activities

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