Corrective Essay: Military Bearing and Respect

According to Field Manual 6-22, “Military Bearing is defined as having or projecting a commanding presence and a professional image of authority”. The United States Army is structured on several values and principles that it upholds, among these are military bearing, discipline and respect. Leaders should be able to make these big decisions with all his confidence projecting out with his military bearing.
A leader should look like a leader, disciplined, confident, and has the skills and abilities to persuade and provide their subordinates with the motivation, direction and purpose so as to accomplish a mission without being easily rattled by problems that arises. The Three General Orders of a Soldier, The articles of UCMJ, as well as our own Soldiers Creed illustrates how a military service member should conduct himself or herself on a daily basis, on and off duty. Honor is to live up to all the Army values. Integrity is to do what is right, legally and morally. Be willing to do what is right even when no one is looking.
It is our “moral compass” an inner voice. Army regulations and The Articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice show us how a military service member should conduct themselves on a daily basis. Military bearing has many components that are involved such as self-discipline, discipline of others, taking appropriate actions for events or taskings, addressing superiors appropriately and dependability. Not just one thing can prove you have military bearing its takes being a professional and and a leader in all aspects of life to prove that you have military bearing.


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Self-discipline means that you have the ability to control yourself. If you do not have self-discipline you may be viewed as hot headed and unreliable. If you cant help maintain discipline of others it shows poor leader ship therefore making the unit from the lowest level to the highest level. Taking appropriate actions for events or taskings means that in the event that something bad happens contact the chain of command and the appropriate authorities so the situation can get handled. Dependability is a major aspect of military bearing.
Without dependability, one can neither perform properly in the workspace nor be depended upon by their coworkers, or chain of command to carry out their military duties adequately. A military member is required to be punctual, and reliable. Duty requires a willingness to accept full responsibility for your actions and for your subordinate’s performance. It also requires a leader to take the initiative and anticipate requirements based on the situation. Duty means accomplishing all assigned tasks to the best of your ability. The proper and faithful performance of duty is the standard.
The value and efficiency of the soldier is measured, and the measure of his efficiency and value is not determined by the prominence of the duty which he performs. Military bearing is to conduct yourself with dignity and in such a manner to reflect credit upon the armed services. Military bearing exists when this individual is proud of their military service. When you exhibit military bearing you are showing lower enlisted soldiers how to act and giving them an example to follow. Knowing how to properly march, stand at attention, parade rest, as well as all other facing movements establishes one’s ability to follow orders precisely.
A lot of self-discipline comes with having good military bearing, which explains and reinforces the necessity to have it. Not everyone has good military bearing. Military bearing and respect are something that you have to work on and maintain control of, you can earn it but if you do not work on a maintain control of it then you will lose the respect or bearing you may have earned. Having good military bearing means you are tactful and polite while also being neat in appearance and can carry out the highest level of professionalism.
It’s very important to follow directions, or else the world would be in chaos. Respect, especially in the Army is a very important value to live by. It is much more than just talking kindly and listening to someone. It is the process of taking into consideration someone’s emotions, feelings and needs. It is showing someone that you value their time; that you care what they have to say. Behavior and attitude will allow the person demanding respect to feel that respect. When we respect each other, there are fewer conflicts. Respect is not only shown verbally, but also by one’s behaviors and actions.
If someone you respect asks you to do something, you should do it immediately and without hesitation. You should do it quickly. Earned respect builds a stronger relationship between people, can be more specific then demanded respect, and is more stable than demanded respect. Also, true respect must be built on experience, and therefor it is illogical to instantly demand it. Earned respect builds a stronger respect and a stronger relationship between people. So you should always be respectful to others so they will treat you the way you want to be treated.

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