Concordia University St Paul Technology Evolution Big Data Technology Discussion


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Question1: 5 pages

description: Where does Cloud Computing fit on one of the Technology Evolution Lifecycle Models of your choice.

Introduce basic knowledge on the Cloud

Below is a structure for writing the papaer:

•Define what Technology Model(s) you will apply to it. Just state it. Do not have to go into a big explanation on how it works. We know all of that now.

•When applying the technology model, describe the following:

•What phase is the cloud in on this technology model?

•Based on the phase, how do you support stating that it is in that phase.

•What is the current innovation level and what are the innovation activities

•Is there more technology innovation or process innovation

•What ongoing production changes are being made

•Do you have brand loyalty amongst your customers yet

•Are improvements to the technology incremental or huge as of this present time

•Are you beginning to standardize market penetration processes

•Are R&D budgets still fully funded or declining

•Any other information you can think of that proves you are right in saying that the cloud is in your chosen phase of your technology evolution model

Question 2: 5 pages

description: Why Does Big Data Fit Well on the Systems Model of Technology Evolution.

—> APA Format -> Proper References

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