Code WordPress

To demonstrate your coding ability, you are going to write a “how-to” blog post on your WordPress website. The blog post will discuss how you modified the following technical components on your website:


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Changing the WordPress theme on the website
Used HTML tags to define content on your blog post
Created CSS to define the look and feel of content on your website

Install one theme for your website
Modify three CSS selectors on the theme (for example, h1, h2, p, em)
Take screenshots of the website before and after you modified the selectors
Post the before and after images and an explanation of what you did to modify the selectors – show your code
Using proper HTML syntax, perform the following:
Create an ordered or unordered list on your blog post – ol and ul
Place emphasis on a word or sentence – em
Define some content with H1, H2 and H3 tags
Define a new class that affects colour, typeface and font size and apply to one paragraph on your blog post – name this class .mystyle
Obtain a Google Analytics code on your website. Understanding your digital customer with Google Analytics
Digital analytics and key concepts
How does Google Analytics work?
Set up a Google Analytics account
Install the Google Analytics tracking tag

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