CLA 51 Ancient Medicine Asclepiades of Bithynia Methodist Approach Discussion


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Please answer the following prompts (word count 750 words total).

For an evaluation rubric and expectations, and the first five cases of Epidemic 1 see attached

Herophon had acute fever; scanty stools with tenesmus at the beginning,
afterwards becoming thin, bilious and fairly frequent. No sleep; urine
black and thin.

Fifth day. Deafness early in the day; general
exacerbation; spleen swollen; tension of the hypochondrium; scanty black
stools; delirium.

Sixth day. Wandering talk; at night sweat and chill; the wandering persisted.

Seventh Day. Chill all over; thirst; out of his mind. During the night he was rational, and slept.

day. Fever; spleen lessened; quite rational; pain at first in the
groin, on the side of the spleen; then the pains extended to both legs.
Night comfortable; urine of a better colour, with a slight deposit.

Ninth day. Sweat, crisis, intermission.

On the fifth day after the crisis the patient relapsed. Immediately the
spleen swelled; acute fever; return of deafness. On the third day after
the relapse the spleen grew less and the deafness diminished, but there
was pain in the legs. During the night he sweated. The crisis was about
the seventeenth day. There was no delirium during the relapse.

Using the above case study (Epidemics
1, case 3) employ an Empiricist, Asclepiadean or Methodist approach to
treat your patient. Outline what questions you will ask (and whether you
will ask questions), what information is relevant and irrelevant, what
is happening and which therapies to apply. Be sure to be as specific as
possible and cite justifications for your recommendations from the
primary source texts we have read. If using an Empiricist methodology,
try to locate another specific case of comparison from the case studies
in the Hippocratic text, Epidemics 1

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