Childhood Obesity

a. Introduction and Conclusion


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Introduction establishes the purpose of the paper and describes why topic is important to health promotion in the target population in your area.

• Introduction stimulates the reader’s interest.

• Conclusion includes the main ideas from the body of the paper.

• Conclusion includes the major support points from the body of the paper.


b. Relate Topic to Target Population – 25 points/25%

• Describes the topic and target cultural population.

• Includes statistics to support significance of the topic.

• Explains how the project relates to the selected Healthy People 2020 topic area.

• Applies health promotion concepts. c. Summary of Articles – 25 points/25%

• A minimum of three (3) scholarly articles, from the last 5 years, are used as sources.

• Articles meet criteria of being from scholarly journals and include health promotion and wellness content.

• At least one article is related to the chosen cultural group.

• Summarizes all key points and findings from the articles.

• Includes statistics to support significance of the topic.

• Discusses how information from the articles is used in the Health Promotion Project, including specific examples.


d. Health Promotion Discussion

• Describes approaches to educate the target population about the topic.

• The approaches are appropriate for the cultural target population.

• Identifies specific ways to promote lifestyle changes within the target population.

• Applies health promotion strategies. e. APA Style and Organization

• References are submitted with assignment.

• Uses current APA format and is free of errors.

• Grammar and mechanics are free of errors.

• Paper is 3-4 pages, excluding title and reference pages.

• Information is organized around required components and flows in a log

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The post Childhood Obesity appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Childhood Obesity appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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