Career decision making & development planassignment | LDRS432

Career decision making & development planassignment | LDRS432


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Strategic Planning Grid
career decision & Plan
Student Name: _______________________ Student Number: ___________
Occupation being researched: _____________________________________
1) Rate the degree to which your occupation is consistent with each of a) your personal criteria, (does the occupation “FIT” you?) and b) what is important to you compared to your research findings about the occupation (do you “FIT” the occupation?), using the following scale: 
3 = Very Consistent[1]
2 = Consistent
1 = Somewhat Consistent
0 = Some Aspects are Consistent While Others Are Not
-1 = Somewhat Inconsistent
-2 = Inconsistent
-3 = Vey Inconsistent
2) Add up the columns for each section of criteria for this occupation. 
3) The higher the score, the greater the likelihood that you will find this occupation satisfying with respect to the topic of each section. 
4) The greater the cumulative score of all the sections, the greater the likelihood that you will find this occupation satisfying as a whole and something you may wish to explore further.
[1] LDRS 432 (FA20) Strategic Planning Grid posted.docx
Analyzing the Occupation for “Personal Fit”!!!
1. It is important to carefully “compare” each category with each other. As you review each category, ask yourself: “Which of these categories is the most important for me to have in an occupation as I move forward with my life, or for the next 5 to 10 years of my life?” 
2. This careful process of further analysis will help you refine your career decision making, and set-up an opportunity for you to set an immediate to mid-range career goal.
3. Once developed, this goal will allow you to then back into immediate action steps that you can take to realize your goal.
Final Assignment Questions: (Respond to #3, #4 and #5) Develop questions #3 – #5 into a 2–3pg paper. APA format required.
1. Does this occupation require you to be an employee, a union member, an independent businessperson, a consultant? How comfortable are you with this requirement as a condition of employment? 
2. What organizations, professional associations, government agencies, companies and/or businesses does this occupation involve itself with locally, provincially, and/or nationally?
3. Explain how you envision your degree in Leadership would bring a “value-add” component to the business, organization, and/or marketplace that this occupation operates in.
4. Consider what you would do to get an interview with a person currently employed in the occupation you are considering. Describe how you would carry out a “Design Interview” to further understand the nature of this occupation and to penetrate the hidden job market (i.e. how you would go about contacting the person, location of interview, purpose of interview, 3 examples of questions you might ask, how would you penetrate the hidden job). 
5. What three (3) action steps can you take within the next two months to find out more about this occupation, the education and experience it requires and what is currently happening within this occupation in your city, province or country? 

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