Campbell University Impacts of COVID 19 On International Trade Research Paper


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I have provided the topic

The paper should be 15 pages in length and should consist of data analysis and results in addition to the introduction, literature review and methodology.

  • Abstract (One paragraph of a summary of your findings)
  • Introduction (Brief overview of your topic and statement of the research question including a paragraph on the layout of your paper)
  • Summary of the Literature: As a researcher, you should demonstrate a good command of the relevant literature and organize your work in the context of this literature. To get a good command of the relevant literature you will need to read a lot of papers.
  • Methodology (The economic model used, the type of data and method of analysis)
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • References

Your research paper MUST have an abstract and this should be a summary of what you have done. It summarizes your research findings.

This should include a well-defined research question or statement of a problem that requires empirical or theoretical analysis. It should also include a paragraph of the layout of your research paper.

If you are writing an empirical research paper, please make sure your paper has the following:

  • A clear statement of the hypothesis
  • A clear statement of the empirical method used.
  • A thorough description of the data that you used to carry out the research or analysis.
  • A very good presentation of the empirical results.
  • Summary and conclusions

If you are writing a theoretical paper, please make sure your paper has the following:

  • A clear description of the model.
  • A clear statement of the results.
  • Mathematical proofs that support the results you have in your paper.
  • A brief summary

Here you need to summarize all your results in plain English

What you need to do here is to provide a complete synopsis of the entire paper

You list all the material you have consulted or used as reference during your research. This means that you should list the last name of the author first followed by the initial of the author’s first name. For example, “Krugman R (1960), “The Theory of Customs Union”, Journal of Trade Vol 2 No. 2 pp. 1000-1012.

Organization of the Research Paper

Your research paper should be presented in the following format.

  • Structure: I expect every paper to have a format that is consistent with the layout of all research papers in economics. This means it should be divided into sections as in standard research papers in economics journals.
  • Writing Style: As an economist, your writing should be clear and concise. You should present your paper like other papers published in economics journal.
  • Citations: The APA style or the citation style used in Journal of International Economics, Economic Journal, American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Perspectives etc.

Selecting a topic

A very good research paper is either a theoretical paper or an empirical paper or a combination of both. This implies that to come up with a standard research paper, you will need to collect, compile (in an orderly form) and analyze data or you will need to formulate, build or study a theoretical model.

How do you select a topic?

The answer to this question is simple. The first thing that you should do is to decide which paper you are planning to write. Is it an empirical research paper or a theoretical research paper? If you are planning to write any of these two types of paper in economics, you will need to go through some research studies that have been conducted and try to develop your topic from them. To reduce the burden on you I am going to provide you with some links for research topics and ideas:

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