Book Review #3:Felix Longoria’s Wake

This book review is worth 70 points. The grading criteria for these 70 points can be found in the Book Review Rubric found in Week 1 module Following instructions, the student will submit the review as directed Title the review Felix Longoria’s Wake Review # 3. Use the same criteria found in instructions in Canvas titled Blackshear Book Review #1 as a guide to format and write this review. The actual words in the review, not the title or the bibliography, must contain between 900 and 1100 words. Place page number in bottom right section of each page. Place your name in the top right hand corner of first page. Below your name write “Texas History 4700”. Below “Texas History 4700” write the title of the book. Below the title of the book write


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“Book Review #3′

Each review must provide a short biographical sketch of the author of the book, summarize the book, analyze at least two scholarly reviews of this work, and give your own opinion regarding its merits. Do this according to the sample provided by the professor for all reviews.

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