Big Jim’s Campaign

Big Jim’s Campaign



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Politics in Texas is one area that many people take seriously, and the contenders for the political seats in that area are chosen based on political ideologies, economic ideas as well as Midas touch or affinity with the electorates.

Texas is just a logical place to live. A logical place takes sensible approaches to issues like gun rights. We treat our citizens like adults in this state. Too knackered Washington does not take that approach.”(

 The candidate

Ben is a highly educated man ailing from Austin, a former Texas Ranger he has contributed in terms of resources and efforts to the general wellbeing of the people in Texas. Jim knows about the problems facing people in Texas. He knows about Federal Health Care Reform pitfalls, transportation, budget shortfall and other minority problems. Jim identifies with the people of Texas more than he identifies with any other contenders for the hot seat. However, the main advantage that Jim has in the Texas region is his ability to integrate with the people and help them determine the problems based on his Midas touch and connection with the grassroots people. John has an elaborate political background after having led a number of special interest groups in the areas. He helped push for the legislation of the reforms geared at helping the people from Texas. Jim is a strong supporter of democracy[1]

Cultural and regional support

Currently Big Jim has an exceptionally high support from, from a recent survey, 85% of the respondents indicated that they will support Jim. Jim also has a high support from the youth. His upbringing g in Texas puts him in an advantageous position because he can identify with all the ethnic groups. He Hispanic background will make him the most likely candidate to win the election because most of the electorates living in Texas are Hispanics or Latinos. However, the other minority groups are much dependent on the whites. The deciding vote is the whites. Jim can use the opportunity to defeat his competitors .

Total population 25,145,561 100.0
One Race 24,466,560 97.3
White 17,701,552 70.4
Black or African American 2,979,598 11.8
American Indian and Alaska Native 170,972 0.7
Asian 964,596 3.8
Asian Indian 245,981 1.0
Chinese 156,820 0.6
Filipino 103,074 0.4
Japanese 18,360 0.1
Korean 67,750 0.3
Vietnamese 210,913 0.8
Other Asian [1] 161,698 0.6
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 21,656 0.1
Native Hawaiian 4,794 0.0
Guamanian or Chamorro 6,591 0.0
Samoan 2,918 0.0
Other Pacific Islander [2] 7,353 0.0
Some Other Race 2,628,186 10.5
Two or More Races 679,001 2.7
White; American Indian and Alaska Native [3] 92,305 0.4
White; Asian [3] 91,963 0.4
White; Black or African American [3] 109,713 0.4
White; Some Other Race [3] 240,679 1.0


Most of the regions in Texas are multiracial, in the western part of Texas, he has the full support, him native home ground, in the eastern part, there are not hopes, as they are the strong holds of his main opponent. However, in the northern part as well as the southern part of Texas, he can split the votes in varying proportions, but the pointers are extremely positive.

Jim will garner the support of the business community because of his background as a business man and economic background. Jim has singularly promising economic policies and strategies that can help the business community in Texas prosper. This is the main premise he has for the community. Additionally, Jim is non partisan in the regional, cultural and religious wars making him acceptable to everyone irrespective of their religion. Both the dominant Christian community and the Muslim support him[2].

    People Quick Facts Texas USA
Population, 2011 estimate 25,674,681 311,591,917
Population, 2010 25,145,561 308,745,538
Population, percent change, 2000 to 2010 20.6 (%) 9.7 (%)
Population, 2000 20,851,820 281,421,906
Persons under 5 years, percent, 2010 7.7 (%) 6.5 (%)
Persons under 18 years, percent, 2010 27.3 (%) 24.0 (%)
Persons 65 years and over, percent, 2010 10.3 (%) 13.0 (%)
Female persons, percent, 2010 50.4 (%) 50.8 (%)


Demographic Support


Texas is a cosmopolitan county in which there are various people of ethnic background. Big Jim can use the population characteristics of the people in Texas to leverage his campaign strategy, for example, the number of people living in Texas is 25,674,681 (2011estimate). Out of this group, 50% of them are eligible women voters; the populations have increased by 20% since 2000; this means that the number of voters in that country in the next two years will be 24, 000, give or take. Only 7.7% of the population is below 5 years, and the percentage of male voters in the country is only 20%. This means that there are a lot of potential in the women voters. If big Jim can appeal to women by offering gender specific promises, and establishing projects that appeal to women[3]. He can also empower women a head of the coming elections. On the other hand, the main economic activity in the area in business, big Jim can easily exploit then business potential of Texas, organize trade fairs and establish contacts for the Texas people with potential customers and markets[4].

Win or Lose?

If Texas people want a champion for values, a fighter for the right of women, an economic supporter and a father to all children, then they want Jim. Jim is a father, a real son of Texas and the only contender with the values Texans need. Texas is the richest state and a real small state, but the endowments of the state do not help the residents because of the poor ideologies of the former governors. Most Texans are anti Washington and Jim is the only person who can sound the clarion call for the anti Washington campaign. Jim, might not be the first person to have casted the race as a negation of Washington, other people who have repudiated Washington and have always succeeded in their campaign. To Jim, this is a pure revivification of the hard right.

There are many Jim supporters in the Texas region than in any other area. Jim can speak Spanish fluently, and this will endear him to the Spanish community as well (bluest part of the state). The Spanish mainly dominate the southern Texas, and they hold Jim dear to them. Though none financially endowed to finance his campaign, he has support from the business society and many people[5].  In Texas, financial goodies do not impress the electorates in that state. The support from the democratic governors association will also come in handy during his campaign trip. While history report that Texas is a red state in the country, it is imperative to note that there is a sudden paradigm shift, any scandal can affect the race and the latest scandal about the opponent contender fighting her spouse are a sign of poor leadership. This sends the Texas women a picture of a man known to condone wife battering.


In the hot race, the only virtues that are bound to help Jim attain the slot are focus and discipline. Jim is also a champion of Texas values. Most of Jims opponents are arrogant are only cronies for a revolving door lobbyists, who might strong-arm his appointees. He can steer the country, as the country is yet to weather a terrifically critical financial storm. Jim has a leadership skill that can easily help him adhere to regimen of big government and low taxes.


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