Beverage Management Genuine Tea Company Presentation


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.In groups of two, choose one of the case studies listed in this above in the course outline, and provide an analysis in 2,000 words or less. You will be assigned a presentation date in which you and your group member will present a summary of our analysis, which will be peer evaluate. Presentations should be 10-15 minutes per group.Your paper will be 5000 words or less and organize the information you feel is most important about your assigned topic. Requirements – 5 academic peer-reviewed references to support your topic. Your Class Presentation (10 MINUTES OR LESS) will briefly present your research to the class. It should be organized in a way to help other students understand the importance of your assigned topic to the hospitality industry.

I summarize all the work

1. Complete a dissertation of at least 2000 words as required

2. Make a ppt on any topic related to the case

3. Ppt requires a speech draft, which needs to be divided into two parts, one for the first half and one for the second half

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