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Grouping Europe into 3 segments WWW Super Nozzles in Europe Wool No clear sales goals. Growth in Industrial Chemicals 02 Different markets 03 Growth in Europe 04 Other areas of the world 05 New Joint ventures 06 New branded sub-assemblies 07 Growth in Plastics 08 Growth in Canada 09 Manufacturing in Europe THREATS TO Extra fees in Europe TO Fragmented media in Europe TO Cultural barriers in Europe TO New competitors TO Government Solutions AY Create a Joint venture with a company in a single country in Europe.
Europe is too big of an area with too many different languages and cultures for a small company eke Kinesics. They need to narrow their focus on one country. Also, by creating a Joint venture they can bypass all or some of the fees that make their European product up to 45% more expensive. The idea seems to be working well in Canada. If it goes well, create more Joint ventures in other countries in Europe.
PROS CONS Pl more narrow target market CLC less potential sales UP better understanding of market CO less control over operations UP reduced fees CO share profits Leave Europe. Focus efforts on U. S. Where there is still huge potential for growth. Continue sales from Canada and Japan. Pl no wasted efforts/money in Europe CLC lose European sales UP more energy put forth towards U. S.


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CO less international exposure UP safe decision CO Company growth may slow down Exhibit 1 SSL Exclusive rights to the mixing device without moving parts SO Unlike components, branded products came in standard sizes that could be plugged in to existing machinery SO Choosing target applications and selling only branded subassembly to them, management was pleased with the financial returns of this strategy SO It appeared that Canadian Kinesics would double their sales from 1972-1973 SO Good ales in synthetic fibers, pulp and paper, industrial chemicals, plastics, waste application, made company versatile SO Only 6 sizes of Super Nozzles were needed to cover U. S. Arrests SO New product that no one else had, only company with the technology SO More organized than European sales, over 1 million orders SIS Created multiple branded subassembly and able to create custom components.

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