Assignment 50

School/ Department Name:  School of Business – Department of Marketing


Course Name:  Customer Relationship Marketing


Course Code: 20SMRB411


Instructor Name: Dr.Bashayer Al.Khalifah, Dr.Faidon Theofanidis


Assessment 1 – Case Study (individual)

Exam Date: week 5

Exam Time: N/A

Exam Location: N/A

Duration: N/A



Student’s Name:

Student ID No:







1.      This is an individual assessment.

2.       Students can download the case study from the course page in MYLMS in week 5 . Students have to answer the questions and submit their answers using a word document in MYLMS (TURNIT IN is used to check for plagiarism).

3.      This assessment is weighted at 20% of the overall grade.





Mark ________/20



Feedback: ________________________________________________________________



Instructor’s signature:     __________________________

Student’s Signature:         ___________________________


Assessment 1: Case Study (individual) – weight 20%


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Read Case Study 4: United Airlines – the IDIC model and answer the following questions:

Q1. Identify the customers of United Airlines.

Q2 How an airline company can differentiate its customers according to the value they bring to the firm? Which metrics can be used to identify the most valuable customers?

Q3 How the company interacts with the customers? Can you think of other ways that the company could interact with its customers?

Q4 What kind of service customization is provided by the airline? Can you further recommend other types/examples of service customization for United Airlines?

  1. Students can download the case study from the course page in MYLMS in week 5 .
  2. Students have to answer the above questions and submit their answers using a word document in MYLMS (TURNIT IN )is used to check for plagiarism) before 23:00 pm on 5/12/2020.
  3. The word document must have a cover page. The cover page must include the name of the college, the name of the School, the Department name, the course name and code, the topic, student’s name and ID, professor’s name, date and location.
  4. (1 mark will be deducted from the overall assessment grade if 3 or more elements are missing from the cover page). Then, the answers to the 4 questions must follow using appropriate titles.
  5. There is no requirement to include executive summary, introduction and conclusion.
  6. If you use academic sources then you must include a separate section titled references using the Harvard reference system.
  7. Please use size 12 font with 1.5 line spacing in a Word document (NO PDF).
  8. There is a 10% deduction from the assessment grade for every day of late submission.
  9.  Students with identified special needs are welcome to meet with the instructor for personalized clarifications.

Marking Guide

Task No. Student is able to … Assessment Task Maximum Marks:   Assessment Task Assigned Marks to Student:  
1 The answer of Q1 5  
2 The answer of Q2 5  
3 The answer of Q3 5  
4 The answer of Q4 5  
  Assessment Weight Assessment Total Marks Achievable Assessment Total Marks achieved by Student:  

Student and Assessor sign here to acknowledge the assessment result and any further noted actions to be taken.

Assessor’s Feedback:            
Assessor’s Name:   Date:    
Student’s Name:     Date:  

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