Asot Michael the Leader with Passion for his people.

Asot Michael the Leader with Passion for his people.


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Asot Anthony Michael is an experienced politician, Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment, and Energy. A member of Barbuda and Antigua’s parliament.

Michael was born in a political family in 1969 in Guadeloupe, French West Indies. Michael’s father and grandfather were affiliated with the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.

Early life

Asot Michael attended St. Johns for his High school education, Barry University and the University of Miami, graduating with both a degree and Masters in Business, respectively. His commitment and hard work have enabled him to win the best scholar USA Achievements Academy National Award.

Professional Life

Asot Michael is focused on the socio-economic development of his country and works handily with the people. Starting out as a Managing Director in a retail store and Casino, Michael’s determination saw him land a job at Antigua’s prime minister’s office.

Over the years, Michael Asot has been of service to both the government and the people. He has served as Senator in the Upper House, minister for public works, and later as leader of government business in Antigua and Barbuda’s senate.

As a leader, Michael has been determined to make Antigua a safe home for all. Elected as a parliament member in 2004 to represent his constituency, he has overcome all odds, being courageous to defend his identity and the interests of the Antiguan people. His selfless love of the people of St Peters constituency is unmatched; he shares his wealth with those in need and supports the children with access to a better education.

Development is one factor that Michael has pioneered for his constituents; the immense urge to see his people succeed and lead a happy life is dear to his heart. Over the years, he has championed for poor people to acquire basic needs and lead a humane life.

Using his negotiation skills and experience in both political and the business world, Asot Michael has networked with various stakeholders both locally and globally for the best interest of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Distinguishing Michael as a caring and humble man, his love has grown and the people of Antigua look up to him and admire his way of service.

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