Ashford University The Electoral College or The Popular Vote Discussion


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Lesson Six Writing Assignment: (200 possible points)

The U.S. Constitution stipulates that Electors will vote for the office of President and Vice President, what we commonly refer to as the Electoral College. Two times in the 21st century (Four times in U.S. history.) the candidate with the most popular votes across the United States has not won the most votes in the Electoral College, hence losing the election. Some activists and scholars are arguing that a democratic system of government requires that majority rules; therefore, the candidate for President who receives the most popular votes should win the election. Further, there is a proposal to bypass the Electoral College without having to amend the Constitution (which is basically impossible).

Explore these websites and other sources you may find in your research that focus on the role of the College in 2020:

National Conference of State legislatures: The Electoral College

National Popular Vote:

Compare the way in which we elect Presidents in our current system to the proposal of the National Popular Vote movement. Which method is superior? Explain your answer.

Writing Guidelines: (Assignment contents)

Title page, including your name, course title, assignment name, your university, date submitted;

5-6 double-spaced pages of actual text responding to the assignment question (Include any Internet or jpg./pdf. formatted material within the assignment, do not submit separately.

Source page of all materials used in preparing and cited/quoted or paraphrased in the paper – give credit where credit is due for the information used in completing the assignment.

Write in complete sentences and paragraphs. Bullet points or lists will not be accepted.

Be original – All papers submitted in this class are reviewed via – a proprietary software database that identifies unoriginal material in papers.

Please review the syllabus statement regarding Academic Honesty and the penalty for plagiarism.

Your instructor can provide you with additional information regarding expectations or assignment guidelines.

Refer to the Writing Guidelines content page for additional writing assignment criteria. In case you were wondering, either, the MLA or APA style guide is acceptable.

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