argumentive essay

Topic–How is social media affecting young adults, parents, or teens for better or worse?


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Overview of the argumentative essay: Throughout the course, you will build a 4-5-page argumentative essay. An argumentative essay requires writers to explore a topic (issue), collect and consider evidence, and establish an opinion on the topic in a brief way. The complete essay must incorporate research (quotes, summarization, and paraphrasing), and you must cite the research using APA in-text citations and a corresponding References page.
The final product, written in five phases, requires the following:

Research the issue, and analyze evidence to form an opinion.
Write a claim (thesis statement) that is supported with reasons from credible sources.
Write an introduction that announces your purpose and hooks readers.
Write 3 body paragraphs (including at least 1 quotation, 1 summarization, and 1 paraphrase with corresponding in-text citations and Reference page).
Write a counter-argument paragraph that addresses an opposing opinion.
Write a conclusion that restates your claim and summarizes the evidence.
Write the Title Page and Abstract
Locate a similar, credible source on the issue using the AIU Library and this Internet search tool, by conducting a key word search based on your research topic.
1. For this Unit 2 Submission, submit only the opening paragraph (double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with in-text citations) and the APA-style References page for grading

the topic is state above  and the directions its a basic essay paper that I will be submitting in sections  and the 1st submission I will be doing is the opening paragraph as stated where you see the 1. 

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