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You will write a research essay that is approximately seven to ten pages in length (minimum of seven type-written pages, maximum of ten type-written pages), 12 font and double spaced.  Please select a topic that involves Appalachia- any topic involving Appalachia is acceptable.  Be sure to include the geographical aspects of your topic in your paper.  You may use information and data from online sources, scholarly journals, magazines, books, newspapers, encyclopedias, etc. located in libraries.  However, make certain that the sources are credible, especially if they are online sources.  There are various approaches in writing your research paper.

Here are a few examples:  You may write about an environmental issue such as the impacts of hydraulic fracturing “fracking” on water resources.  The debate about fracking rages across Appalachia.  Or, you could focus on one particular human-earth disaster such as the Johnstown Flood, or the Donora Smog.  You could select a socioeconomic topic such as “how is poverty in Appalachia different or similar to poverty in the inner cities of the United States?” Or, you could select a unique cultural practice in Appalachia such as ginseng hunting in Western Maryland.  ANY topic involving Appalachia is acceptable.  Please include a title page with:  your name, your course section, and the title of your paper.  Also, you must cite your sources throughout your paper.  Please reference at least seven sources as you write your paper.  Use a method for citing sources that you are most comfortable with.  Be consistent as you cite your sources.  Finally, the final page of your research paper should be a reference page that lists the sources you used in writing your paper.

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