Answer any one of the following

Answer any one of the following


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Answer any one of the following.
1.  How has the service changed during the current pandemic? Think about the characteristics of services (tangible, heterogenous etc.) and the Gap model of service failure, before you write your answer.
Approximately 200 words.
2.  Consider how the rise of self-service (automation) and how that is helping or hurting the services marketing. For example, is introducing check-out free stores, and hotels going personnel free (Citybox hotel).
We know that one of the characteristics of services is “heterogeneity.” It means the level and quality of services vary from occasion to occasion and over time, even when it is provided by the same person. This is a problem for the consumers because they expect consistency. Another problem with services marketing is service failure—i.e., customers being disappointed by not getting the intended or promised service. Service failure is studied by the Gap-model of services.
Question: How do you think the self-service will alter the following issues. Provide examples.

Heterogeneity (Approximately 50-80 words), and
service failure will change in the self-service era? Identify the Gaps (of the Gap model) self-service will help or hurt. (Approximately 100 words).

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