Albany State University Putins Foreign Policy & International Politics Discussion


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After reading the article on Putin, please answer the following questions

1. Discuss the basic elements of Putin’s policy

2. What are the reasons for Putin’s distrust of the West?

3. Why did Russia intervene in the war in Syria and reclaimed Crimea as part of Russia?

4. Is there a Cold War between Russia and the US? If yes, why do you think so? If no, what do you think is happening between the two arch rivals?

5. Going forward, what do think are the prospects for peace and development around the world with wars looming and Covid – 19 not letting up anytime soon?

We will continue with our discussion on war and other disruptions threatening the peace around the world. We will look at the bigger issues on what the world can do to avert another war that can increase the pain we already bear out of Covid – 19.

Our reading for the week is “The Age of Insecurity: Can democracy save itself? by Ronald Inglehart. This article can be found in Foreign Affairs, 2018. (

* What did you learn from the article about the threats to democracy around the globe and what solutions are given to avert any global disaster that is bound to happen because of our failed democratic institutions?

Your one-page response should be posted as Discussion #4

“Arabia Infelix: The war devouring Yemen” by Sheila Carapico

1. Who are the Houthis and how powerful are they in the Yemen crisis?

2.Why has Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen and will any side ever win this war? why or why not?

3. After five years of war and a deep humanitarian crisis unfolding before our eyes in the Arabian peninsula, what should be the role of the United Nations in averting a bigger catastrophe in that part of the world?

4. What is the Us policy toward the war in Yemen?

5. The war in Yemen is more of a sectarian war between Shia Moslems and Sunni Moslems. What do you think the rest of the Moslem world do to ensure that there is peace in the region?

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