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 Solutions Paper 
As I stated earlier, one of the primary focus of this class is to provide solutions to some of the most vexing social problems within our society.  For your solutions paper, students are required to use one of the sociological perspectives (structural functionalist, conflict, or symbolic interactionist) to explain the origins/causes of one of the following social problems within our society–illegal immigration, gender inequality, racism, recidivism, poverty, or the abuse of prescription drugs.  In addition, students are required to utilize the perspective to propose three practical solutions to remedy or lessen the impact of the social problem on our society.  Practical solutions mean solutions that can be implemented now, whether in part or whole.  For example, if one of your solutions requires the expenditure of money, please be very specific and state where the money will come from.  Please be as detailed as you can in your solutions to these problems.  It is important for students to focus on not just offering solutions on an individual level, but on a broader societal level.  In other words, individual actions and decisions are important when it comes to solving some of our social problems, but reforming and changing the structures and institutions within our society is even more important.  More focus when it comes to finding solutions, therefore, should be on reforming these institutions.   
Your paper is required to be a minimum of 3 pages.  The first paragraph of your paper should focus on describing why your particular issue constitutes a social problem.  This means that students should provide facts and figures of not only how many people are affected by this issue, but how it affects the larger society.  Be sure to use credible sources for your information and properly cite your sources.  MLA or APA can be used to cite your sources.  The next two paragraphs of your paper should be focused on explaining the origins/causes of the social problem from the point of view of the perspective (structural functionalist, conflict or symbolic interactionist).  The remaining portion of the paper should then be focused on providing three practical solutions to the social problem based again on your specific perspective.   
Your Solutions Paper is due on or before October 14 and should be submitted online using the electronic drop-box.  The paper is a total of 15% of your overall grade.  Please note that late submissions for any of your papers will be severely penalized–for everyday late, 5% of your paper’s grade will be deducted.       


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