Social Institutions

1. Do you think resocialization requires a total institution? Why or why not?

Think of some other ways someone can be resocialized.


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2. How has social media changed social institutions? Do you believe it has deepened or weakened human communication?

3.There are many sports teams that use names like the Indians, The Warriors, the Braves, and Redskins. What do you think about such names? Should they be allowed or banned? What argument would symbolic interactions make on this topic?

4.Explain why leaders as divergent as Hitler and Jesus Christ are both categorized as charismatic authorities.

5.Which theoretical perspective do you think best explains the sociology of health? Why?

6.What responsibility does the United States have toward underage asylum-seekers?

7.Please write a brief essay about this course. You need to address what has been the most beneficial aspect of this course and any suggested improvements.

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