Social care setting

Design a workshop for a social care setting of your choice detailing at least TWO creative arts activities e.g.
Children’s residential, Day care for people with Intellectual disability, Third Age community (elderly groups).
Take into consideration Group work theory when developing the plan i.e. Kurland, (2001) Malekoff (2015)
The plan should be typed under the following headings.
Section A: Pre-Planning Stages
Section B: The Proposal, what Creative activities do you intend to focus on and why
Section C: The Evaluation
The workshop should include:


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  1. Consideration of the group profile, group needs and orientation, possible challenges
  2. Observations and questions that are important to consider in running of a session for the
    particular target group/individual
  3. Additional factors you considered in your pre-session planning (400 words approx)
    The Plan:The Workshop
    a. Workshop description: (A brief Summary i.e. group, location, etc.)
    b. Objectives: (Clear understanding of overall objectives and rationale for the group)
    c. Agenda and Activities: Include a detailed step by step description of TWO creative arts
    activities. The TWO creative arts chosen must be detailed with regard to their theoretical
    relevance and benefits in a social care setting.
    (1150 words approx.)
  4. Consider how you would evaluate the creative interventions implemented, identifying the
    a. How did the group/individual respond
    b. Were there goals and objectives met or could you identify new goals or what were the
    challenges or emerging issues during the sessions
    (450 Words approx)

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