RM 4.5

Complete methodology section of the research paper.


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Follow the below format and submit your Task Activity by Writing the Methodology Section of Research Paper: (Note that you will use each of your Sub-questions you formulated in Task 3 to create a Chapter for your research paper)

Here is an example to help you.

Topic: The Importance of Enterprise Resource Planning

Research Methodology

This research would demonstrate that ERP is essential for decision-making by providing relevant information that would subsequently facilitate business enterprise in this century, especially at this time of unprecedented technological growth. This study will also be conducted using the qualitative approach beginning with chapter two, which will define Enterprise Resource Planning by various authors offering a brief history of the concept and general opinions by users. Related literature would be drawn from book materials, periodicals, publications, internet journals and research papers would be used to provide meaningful interpretation to this concept.

Furthermore, useful information would be derived from some of the company executives, from both the public and private sectors who have used or are currently implementing this concept to improve their standard of service and management style. This section will also describe in detail, how ERP has continued to facilitate decision making in corporations where it has been implemented. The data gathered will be analyzed in chapter five.

Chapter three will discuss how businesses have accepted ERP since its introduction and implementation. It will also further delve into exploring how businesses that adopted and implemented ERP have faired with this application in their decision-making processes. It will furthermore, explore the possibilities of encouraging new entrants to adopt ERP.

Considerable efforts will be made to collect data from some of the companies that are already implementing ERP through company periodicals and interviews. These companies will encourage others to adopt this concept by recommending ways that will transform their companies. The data from this section will be analyzed in chapter five.

Chapter four would significantly explain how companies that adopted ERP have progressed in decision-making over the years more than the others that have not yet embraced this phenomenon. This chapter will spontaneously reveal the successes and possible pitfalls that might arise if ERP is not properly implemented. Information would also be collected through interviewing ten company executives and use of questionnaires to retrieve relevant information on the subject to enable the researcher analyze data during the course of this study. Data will be analyzed in chapter five.


Research Topic: Work Scheduling Conflict

Problem Statement:

  1. Scheduling staff creates an order and flow to an organization because work cannot be completed without workers present.
  2. Scheduling conflicts happen in organizations and need to be resolved quickly. Improper scheduling leads to unhappy employees, deadlines not being met, uneven distribution of work and lack of productivity.
  3. Preventing schedule conflicts creates employee satisfaction, making them more likely to be productive.


Task 2 (additional research and references)

Task 3 (Survey questions)

Final Paper Template

Full requirements:

  1. Create 2 quantitative data collection tools for this topic and use them in the research paper. (For example, case study, survey, correlation, comparative, observation, etc)
  • I need a 12 page research paper putting all elements (problem statement, questions, methodology, etc) together. should contain each of the sections in the Table of Contents. It should also have a reference page with at least 5 academic resources.

**Side note: methodology section must be clearly labeled in research paper

APA Format (Follow template)

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