Leadership In Nursing

Signature Assignment Description/Directions:


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Choose one or more leadership topic(s) from your textbook or from a scholarly source from a previous discussion or assignment from this course and write about its application to nursing practice. ( This can be anything from conflict resolution to providing a safe work environment/culture )

  • Provide definitions, history/background, and major concepts of chosen topic. 
  • Describe the topic’s function in nursing practice by examining at least three different nursing roles (for example, bedside nurse, public health nurse, CNO, unit manager, etc.).
  • Discuss how the leadership topic can be used in your own practice.
  • Discuss your personal growth in regard to your chosen leadership topic.
  • Evaluate personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your career advancement.
  • Then, discuss the top three traits you feel makes a good nurse leader. (strong communication skills, integrity, respectful …)Support your statements with examples from your practice experience and scholarly sources.

Assignment Expectations:

Length: 1750 to 2000 words in length

Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA 7th ed. format. These do not count towards the minimum word count for this assignment. Your essay must include an introduction and a conclusion.

References: Use appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. A minimum of three scholarly sources plus the textbook are required.

Total Point Value of Assignment500 points

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