LBCC Consumer Health Informatics Smart Bra Benefits & Challenges Presentation


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Consumer Health Informatics

Prepare a powerpoint slide set with notes as described below:

Please select an existing product. Previous presentations examples include:

  • contact lens for diabetes
  • cancer detecting bra
  • pendant that tracks women’s health
  • smart water bottle
  • wearable bracelet that detects falls in older adults

Please DO NOT choose products like FitBit which are now commonplace. Also, do NOT make up products.

In the notes section for each slide, provide in complete sentences, the description for the slide as per details below. You need include the following in your presentation.

1. Introduction to the problem that this product addresses (1 slide; notes – ~50 words)

2. Product description – what is it, how does it work? Give examples of its current clients/users/market. (1-2 slides; notes – 150-200 words together)

3. Benefits and Challenges – include costs and availability (1-2 slides; notes – 100-200 words)

4. Future outlook – what do you think will make it a widely used product or not? (1 slide; notes – ~50 words)

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