Individuals theories

Most had no goals to rehabilitate the fender nor help them on any matter. Over time the ideals of how a prison should be like evolved. Before the nineteenth century there were no real prisons (Foster, 2006, Chapter 1). There is no clear time of when the first prison came into existences (Assemblages, 2011, Chapter 13). There were merely just small rooms; and they were used to punish criminals whom committed serious crimes, there was no correctional purpose (Foster, 2006, Chapter 1).
In the sass many of the jails at that time had no interest or level of classification (Foster, 2006, Chapter 1). There were different models being used in the earlier days and have changed over time. The Auburn model during the 19th century model was based on having offenders work in groups completing community activities, then at night placed in solitary confinement and strict rules were set in to play (“Auburn System”, 2014). This system was seen as a way to teach respect and working with others and also having personal discipline (“Auburn System”, 2014).
Silence was a big factor and was enforced to the Max; it was seen as a way to take away ones sense of self (“Auburn System”, 2014). This is similar to the hierarchical model; which goal is to ensure physical control (Assemblages, 2011, Chapter 13). The Auburn prison was merely an experiment to determine and displayed the effects of what solitary confinement can really do to an individual (Assemblages, 2011, Chapter 13). Back in 1790 the Walnut Street Jail was transformed to a penitentiary in Philadelphia (Assemblages, 2011 , Chapter 13).


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The purpose behind this transaction was for offenders to penance and come to amends ND take control over their actions and wrongdoing in society (Assemblages, 201 1, Chapter 13). Rehabilitation and deterrence was seen as the foundation this is still seen today (Assemblages, 2011, Chapter 13). Bible study was a key element surrounding penance and seeking rehabilitation, and just as Auburn System enforced silence so did the Quakers (Assemblages, 2011 , Chapter 13).
Minimally contact between staff and inmates was also a key factor (Assemblages, 201 1, Chapter 1 3). The penitentiary that was opened in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania back in 1826 correlates back to the Philadelphia model (Assemblages, 2011 , Chapter 13). The Pittsburgh model was highly favored and seen as the ideal prison because it was humane and provided the correct amount of discipline towards punishment yet having the opportunity for offenders to focus on rehabilitating (Assemblages, 201 1 , Chapter 13).
The prison era that began between 1825 through 1876 all connect back to the Pennsylvania model; Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, and many more can be seen as The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania model and Philadelphia model are seen to be the winning models of how an ideal penitentiary, the two American systems, interestingly, most concluded that the Pennsylvania system was more conducive to reformation than the Auburn system (Assemblages, 201 1, Chapter 13).
This was seen as the ideal petitioners all the way up until the Reformatory era was created by Captain Alexander Macroeconomic and Sir Walter Croûton (Assemblages, 2011, Chapter 13). The reformatory style consisted of the use of indeterminate sentencing with also the belief of obliteration, yet this style did not last long do to the industrial prisons that came into play (Assemblages, 2011, Chapter 13). Each model had its drawback the Auburn system resulted in inmate’s committing suicide or either dying to the lack of not being able to work out (Assemblages, 2011 , Chapter 13).
There was clear tension between the Auburn and Pennsylvania systems even during the reformatory System (Assemblages, 2011, Chapter 13). Prisons have truly evolve Dover time The community based Era in my opinion has be the most effected and would be what I considered as an ideal prison. Community corrections revolve around rehabilitation and having a clear understanding that inmates need contact with community, and provide work release programs and halfway houses (Assemblages, 2011, Chapter 13. These are all and provide guidance and opportunity for inmates can have community involvement and give the opportunity to amend their wrongdoing and get on the right track (Assemblages, 2011 , Chapter 13). Overall this prison has truly changed over time the different models and system have evolved overtime to it the needs of society’s best interest (Assemblages, 2011 , Chapter 13. References Foster, B. (2006). Corrections: The Fundamentals,.

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