Illegal Drugs ESSAY

Illegal Drugs

Criminal activities have broad implications to multiple facets of every society they are committed. Most crimes are an integrated aspect of societal processes rather than an illicit subset of social activities. Their operations range from targeting certain demographics in the society to controlling the communities. This spreads their effects to not only include the perpetrators and their victims but everyone in the community by putting them on edge. Although government studies have linked criminal activities with poverty, some criminal activities and more so those involving organized crimes are coordinated by wealthy persons. This enables them to employ more sophisticated tactics in their criminal operations making it difficult for law enforcers to catch up with their crimes. Albeit all crimes pose major threats to the society’s wellbeing, some crimes are more prevalent than others and their effects more far-reaching.

The statement that “The threat from illegal drugs is more dangerous to society than the threats from human trafficking or other illegal goods and services” is true. Illegal drugs are manufactured, cultivated, distributed and sold to different parts of the world. The business around illegal drugs is often more dynamic and involves a relatively large human population to see to its success. Human trafficking involves involuntary capture of human beings for use as objects of criminal exploitations. The crime can be both international and local. Although the crimes are dangerous since they involve physical and mental torture to the victims, they are less prevalent in the world compared to illegal drugs. Nonetheless, their wounds on a society can be permanent therefore calling for equal attention from law enforcers. Trafficking of illegal goods and services involves the sale of counterfeits, stolen or prohibited goods and services. They drag down legal businesses and threaten a nation’s economy. The illegal goods could also be unsafe posing threat to human beings and the environment.

Despite the government’s efforts to eradicate illegal drugs dealings and their consumption, they still pose a major threat to the human population today. According to Jenner (2011), the transformation of the world’s economy through globalization has led to the spread of ideas beyond national borders creating new avenues for trade and expansion of the illegal drug business. The high demand for the drugs both locally and globally fuels the criminal organization’s impunity, and the power to operate and expand their dealings. It is often the largest source of money that is laundered and used for other criminal undertakings such as terrorism. The organizations are collaborating with other criminal groups in different parts of the world to smuggle drugs such as cocaine and heroin (National Security Council, n.d.).According to the National Security Council, local crimes and corruption are often highly associated with the regions where drug dealings are rampant. Hundreds of people are also murdered weekly in incidents directly related to the production and distribution of the drugs. Youths involved in drug deals often end up ruining their lives by joining criminal groups or through addiction. 

In conclusion, the implications of illegal drugs are often far-reaching posing greater danger to the society than most other forms of trafficking such as those involving human, goods and services trafficking. With globalization today, illegal drugs can be produced and smuggled to different parts of the world making them more readily available today than they were decades ago. The drugs have contributed to moral decay with most people over-relying on them to an extent they cannot function without their consumption. As such, illegal drugs have become an easy source of funds for most criminal undertakings in the world.

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