Content Analysis

I would like this content analysis/qualitative analysis to cover the reviews for the movie, Steel Magnolia. I have included attachments with the instructions.


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4. Write and submit an essay that includes the following elements.


Statement of the research question –

Explanation of data. Where did the data (text) come from? How did you collect the text(s)?

Discussion of your analysis. How did you begin examining the data? Which themes did you notice first? How many themes did you start with? How did your categorization change upon the second and third readings?

Summary of your results. Which themes did you end up with upon your final reading? What, if anything, did you find surprising? Based on your results, what is the answer to your research question? In this part of your essay, you will probably find it helpful to include a few quotes from the data.

Conclusion. This section might (optionally) include your recommendations for further research.


User-generated reviews (of books, films, libraries, products, etc.). For instance,

Analyze the Amazon reviews of one book or film.

For one book or film, compare reviews on two different sites, such as Amazon and Goodreads (for books), or Amazon and IMDB (for films)

For one book or film, compare the themes of positive reviews to the themes of negative reviews. (Perhaps positive reviews of the film Parasite focus on its cinematography, whereas negative reviews focus on its character development).

For more information on Content Analysis read this:


The post Content Analysis appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Content Analysis appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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