Colleges Holding Forums for Students

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Prompt: To what extent and/or under what circumstances should colleges be responsible for holding forums for students to discuss and critically think about highly politicized topics? Select a polarizing topic and argue the role that colleges should (not) play in leading discussions with students on that subject matter and way.

Topic: Armed officers on campus.
*Please follow the outline, it is required (fail is attached)
1. Thesis should be arguable.
2. Show both opinions on the topic “Armed officers on campus”. Use obvious and less obvious counterarguments.
3. Reasoning: Every argument should be supported with evidence. Only true evidence.
4.Evidence: Credible sources; Everything that needed has an in-text citation and mentioned on the work cited page. In-text citations should be in each paragraph. NO PLAGIARISM!
5. 1. Rebuttal’s support. 2. Explanation and analyses. 3. Relationship to the thesis.
6. Essay should be 100% related to collage, student’s opinions, and how it affects collages! (NOT public, world or what would parents say about it).

1. MLA 8 format.
2. Minimum of 5 ACADEMIC sources( books, journals, articles)
3. 6-7 pages (not including Works Cited page)

Prompt and an outline is attached. For information on Colleges Holding Forums for Students check on this:

The post Colleges Holding Forums for Students appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Colleges Holding Forums for Students appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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