Business questions

Question 1
The business landscape is changing. As consumers’ habits change, we all become more aware of
environmental and societal issues. Consumers and societies demand more socially and environmentally
conscious businesses, and we are all able to contribute in different ways towards reaching the United Nations
Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). In turn, businesses which genuinely contribute to society’s wellbeing are also supported by that society. “We Are All Response-Able to Make This World a Better Place”.
According to Stanford social information review (2010), “by working closely with the clients and consumers,
design thinking allows high-impact solutions to social problems to bubble up from below rather than being
imposed from the top”.
Design Thinking can help businesses become better corporate citizens, by enabling them to realise where they
can contribute most, and how they can do it. Express your views and comment with examples of company
CSR’s. How can your project/business idea contribute to socitiel/environmental issues ?
Question 2


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  1. Comment on how design thinking based education for children could be a very useful paradigm to be
    adopted in schools.
    Will you try to use the design thinking framework for your everyday life? Comment on how you can do so.
  2. Comment on the role colours play in advertising.
    Consider which color combination you’re currently starting with. Is it monochromatic, analogous, or
    Question 3
    How will the poster impact the world? A poster must be able to universally communicate, connect and deliver
    its message to call people to action.
    Discuss how poster design designs impact the world we are living. Discuss features of a good poster design.
    In order to appreciate good graphic design, it is necessary to study the work of the best graphic designers from
    the past and present. Research on any one Poster designer from your choice– share their ideas and
    knowledge on Poster D

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