Bible 900 words | English homework help

Bible 900 words | English homework help


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these are notes to help you.
“Carvalho “ is chapter titles for chapter 6
Sociological method (similar to how we do history)
​How did different sociological groups interact?
​Can we reconstruct some of the social history?
​Can we reconstruct gaps in historical record?
1 and 2 Samuel – really one text 
​We see Deuteronomist as primary author 
Not by DT
1 Sam 4-7:  Ark of the Covenant when stolen Phillistines  
Presentations of Saul are varied and mutually exclusive
2 Sam 9-20 doesn’t mention God at all
Jewish monarchy arises because of power vacuum in the Levant
Prior to the monarchy, the Israelites/Hebrews are a group of disparate tribes/chiefdoms 
Goal of the monarchy is to unify these tribes so that they could build a stronger/larger army
Monarchy also grows during a time of increased urbanization 
​Increased skills jobs 
​Luxury items become of greater worth
​International Trade 
​HUGE TAXES go to sponsor the monarchy itself and a growing palace and eventually temple
​Decline of the monarchy is shown through collapse, revolution or war.  
Moses becomes the leader of the Israelites/Hebrews because of his leadership and relationship with the Egyptians
But in the Wilderness, God confirm that God choose Moses
Theophany – God is made present.  For Moses it is not mediated!!  There is fire, smoke, thunder, etc. but Moses speaks directly with God. 
Covenant: in Exodus is 10 Commandments
The dietary laws start as a reflection of the actions of the community but then become codified and start to define the community.
Job is not original to the Hebrew Bible. We have similar stories from surrounding cultures.
The Book of Job shows at least two different Jewish traditions.  God is referred as YHWH and Elohim AND three other names for God not specific to Judaism.  
Dating this text is a crap shoot.  5-7th centuries BCE. 
Job is not Jewish!!  His family is not, his friends are not.  Job is not covered by the covenant.  
In Job, God rewards the righteous.  It is assumed that God punishes the sinful.  Divine reward and punishment (Instant Karma) exists in these religious imaginations.

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