Aviation assignment for mgmt | Management homework help

Aviation assignment for mgmt | Management homework help


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 part 1 
Review the attached .pdf file and accompanying video regarding the US Airways 1549 accident and the root cause analysis.  Pay particular attention to page 1 of the .pdf file to understand what root cause analysis is, and how to read a cause map.
CM-usairways1549 (file uploaded)
Based on the .pdf document and the video, prepare a 500-word paper answering the questions of why the aircraft was a total loss, and why there were zero fatalities on the ground and on the aircraft.  Your responses should use the language presented in the cause map, using ‘why’ and ‘because’ statements.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk_kSKcMaDA&feature=emb_title (video)
part 2 
View the attached video and prepare a minimum 500-word paper addressing the following questions:

How does TSA implement a risk-based approach to aviation security?
Why does a “one size fits all” approach not work for aviation security?
How has TSA evolved their approach to aviation security and what does the future hold?

Your responses should be based on material in the video only.  Be sure to follow the rubric to ensure you have the opportunity to receive full credit.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvVAgbyTqeA&feature=emb_title (video) 
part 3 
Review the PowerPoint presentations for this unit and then read the .pdf file about United Airlines flight 232.
Using language from the PowerPoint presentations, prepare a 500-word document discussing how those involved in the incident exhibited characteristics of mitigation, preparedness, communications, response, and recovery.
Review the rubric for this assignment to ensure you earn the maximum points possible.
Part 4 –  
Using the attached Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airport Operators and Users, prepare a security inspection checklist which contains a minimum of 25 questions for a security auditor to consider.  Security questions should take the form of a yes/no question which indicates compliance or non-compliance with the security measure.  For example, “Do flight schools limit student pilot access to aircraft keys?”  or “Do airport identifications include a unique identification number?”
In reality, a comprehensive checklist would have many hundreds of questions, but you only need to prepare a checklist which has at least 25 questions.
You may choose to create your security inspection checklist in either MS Excel or MS Word.
(use 2017 _ga_security PDF file) 

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