Adventure Project

(Modification of the Group Adventure Project)


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Total Points: 100 Points

You can have a virtual/phone conversation with a person/people in your main groups (friend, family or romantic partner). You can choose to contact someone you have not spoken to in a while or connect to someone you talk to often. Because we are using technology to connect with others, with this option, you will focus on your feelings about long-distance interpersonal communication.

Paper instructions: You will write a two page, double-spaced paper about your experiences. Here are some questions to help guide your essay.

  • Why did you choose this person to connect with digitally?
  • What are some of the activities you used to do before social distancing?
  • How do you plan to stay connected/maintain a relationship with this person?
  • What are your plans with this person once social distancing is lifted?
  • Do you still feel connected to this person despite not being able to see them often/or at all?
  • After the social distancing time is over, will your perspective about spending time with your loved one change?
  • You can discuss any other insights from this project.

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