​Please reply to this two classmates in 150-250 words per classmates boss

Please reply to this two classmates in 150-250 words per classmates boss.


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1/Racism has been an issue in the US for many, many years. From people of color being used as slaves, to not being able to vote, to not even being able to eat in the same place as white people, people of color have been oppressed in different ways for a long time. More recently, skin color has seemed to not affect these kinds of things as much any more. Does this mean that we should pretend not to see the color of people’s skin because now everyone is given the same opportunities? No, because that is not true. Color-blind racism is the ideology that everyone has the same opportunities, no matter skin color. This idea is mostly used by white people who do not, and have never dealt with oppression due to race. They have a hard time seeing that things are not completely equal and that people of color struggle every day in things they don’t have to think twice about. For example, someone not of color may say to someone of color “don’t worry, I don’t see you, at least not that ‘bad’ colored part”. This in itself is a racist statement because it implies the idea that the color of their skin actually IS bad, and whoever said it is choosing to avoid the fact that they are racist or avoid talking about racism itself. Things like this happen every day and fixing them is not easy because no many people are open to changing their ideas. Creating awareness about color-blind racism is a good start to fixing racism as a whole.

2/ People love excuses. Color-blind racism is one of them. A lot of times, people make excuses without meaning harm behind it, for sometimes the truth is a nasty thing to see. A term that comes to mind is, “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” In order to either reject reality or else excuse racist behavior, the public uses color-blindness as a means to cover up the fact that racism is still real or else not be labeled as a racist for making a backhanded comment. I find that a lot of color-blind racism comes from stereotypes, which are oversimplifications of a person’s character based off of exteriors. I’m pretty sure that we’ve all done this at some moment in our lives. It shouldn’t be excused, but it also shouldn’t be a distinction of a person’s character. The sad thing is that we tend to overanalyze color-blind racism in order to not deal with these macroaggressions that have definite ways to be resolved, such as police brutality. We’ve been avoiding the issue in order to philosophize about ourselves and thus not get anything done. I don’t know, maybe I’m only tired of hearing a lot of words and not seeing enough positive actions.

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